They also stated that they were not looking for a “master key,” but simply wanted Apple’s assistance in this i nstance.That said, the U.S. Justice Department found another way to access the data on the iPhone without Apple’s help. In order to safeguard data, corporations now invest in various security technologies to prevent future assaults. For example, many corporations now use biometric authentication (i.e., fingerprints, eye scans) to verify identities. For example, Apple has been a leader in offering fingerprint biometric authentication to its consumers since 2013.

  • In protecting their organizations from cyber attacks, cybersecurity professionals sometimes have to access employees’ online activities.
  • Cyber security analysts typically have a background in computer science or engineering.
  • This would ensure that there are no security gaps in the election system.

We will also discuss the growth potential for this career field and the average salary for cybersecurity professionals. Take an online course in Cyber Security to learn more about cyber security practices and develop a thorough understanding of modern information and system protection technologies. Once you’ve earned a suitable degree, worked an entry-level IT job and completed an internship in cybersecurity, you’ll be ready to step into their first full-time job role.

How to Build an Enterprise Cyber Security Framework

At the same time, however, cybercriminals have become more sophisticated in identifying and attacking weak points. For example, phishing, one of the oldest cybercrimes, cybersecurity specialist courses dating back to the 1990s, continues to expand as a threat. Security firm Lookout reports that the rate of mobile phishing was highest in 2022.

Governments have a responsibility to protect their citizens, and in the modern world, that means taking steps to ensure that digital resources are protected from outside interference. This situation occurs because authorities are constantly fighting terrorism, crimes involving pedophiles, gang activity, online child pornography trafficking rings, human trafficking networks, and drug cartels. There are numerous other groups that regularly use advanced encryption to protect their data from law enforcement investigations. The issue as to whether or not corporations should allow access to encrypted devices is a more complex situation.

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Additional certifications may help a jobseeker find employment in addition to a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Stand out and make a difference at one of the world’s leading cybersecurity companies. Get free research and resources to help you protect against threats, build a security culture, and stop ransomware in its tracks. Learn about our relationships with industry-leading firms to help protect your people, data and brand.

cyber security responsibilities

Find out how different WGU is about personalizing and supporting your education. The PG Program in Cyber Security will equip you with the skills needed to become an expert in this rapidly growing domain.

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